Coastal Fabrics was created in 2014 as an addition to our already established fabric store located in Jacksonville, Florida. In the early years we owned a fabric store outside of Atlanta in the burbs, as well as the former “The Textile Mill” online fabric store.  After two decades of catering to our clients in our brick and mortar locations and our online store we decided to expand in to a new business model. We, as a family owned and operated company had recently relocated to the beach and felt the need to service the customers that wanted a more coastal, or casual feeling to their home decor. In addition to coastal themed fabrics, we offer many other fabrics that will fit the needs of anyone looking for quality textiles. From the ability to wipe clean with an outdoor fabric or wash a cotton slip cover, we want to service our customers that are like minded and looking for some new options. Our main focus is to offer quality designer fabrics, top notch custom workroom and superior customer service to our patrons. We look forward to taking care of your home decorating needs. Stop by and see us if you are in the neighborhood!