Hi there.  My name is William Frederico and I have a local software and website company called Logic Mountain.  Also, my son Will plays trumpet in the YHS Band.  I also helped found Yulee Band Boosters, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that benefits music performance programs (mainly the YHS MArching Band) in the Yulee School System.

I created this site to establish a convenient place to order stuff surrounding the band.  While I am an active band parent, this site is operated solely by me – it’s not officially affiliated with the YHS Band or Yulee High School.

UPDATE: as of February, 2019, this site (SWAG.YHSBAND.COM) is a property of Yulee Band Boosters.  All payments go to the Yulee Band Boosters PayPal account.  Yulee Band Boosters is an independent nonprofit corporation, and while Yulee Band Boosters does provide benefits to the YHS Band, remember that it is a completely separate legal entity from YHS Band and Yulee High School.

I also want to make it clear that I do not personally benefit from the sale of any items on this site.  100% of any “extra” amounts collected over cost go into the “YHS Band Booster” organization’s band account.

How To Contact Me

  • Email Is Best.  If you have questions, the best way to get me is via email: bill@logicmountain.com.  This is the fastest way to get a response.
  • Facebook Messenger.  You can also message me on Facebook.
  • Cell and Text.  You can also call or text me at 904-312-2517 if you must, but I’m usually much slower to respond via phone.