2023 Indoor Color Guard FAIR SHARE (donation is due NOW)




DUE NOW.  Each Indoor Color Guard participant’s fair share of the Indoor Color Guard program budget  is $365.

Each student’s Fair Share donation represents the amount that we need to receive from their family. If even one family does not meet their Fair Share, we have to find something to cut — the entire indoor color guard program is affected.  Fair share could be called “bare minimum share” because it is the BARE MINIMUM amount we need for each student to make the program work.

The Nassau County School District provides only a small fraction of the money we need to school music performance programs.  The responsibility for meeting the financial needs of our band program falls squarely on the shoulders of the band boosters, parents and students. We can only raise so much money through fundraising – fair share payments covers the rest of the budget.  We try to keep expenses reasonable, but also want our students to be part of a competitive program.  We are very proud of our students, our school, and our community, and want to show our pride through quality performance opportunities. Please join us in these efforts by meeting your Fair Share.

All Fair Share Donations money is handled by Yulee Band Boosters.  The Band Director does not handle payments or accept payments at the school.  This allows us to offer modern payment methods like online payments for Fair Share Donations and other purchases.  The change also provides better accounting, transparency, and maneuverability of fund use.  Note that no student will be prevented from participating in any part of the YHS Band program because of their ability or willingness to make a donation.

There are no refunds if a student decides to quit later in the year, or for any other reason.



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